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GSim 0.31.01w

Post by testtubegames » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:10 pm

Testing out a new WebGL version of the Gravity Simulator. I've been shaking out a few critical bugs here and there, and am hoping to swap it out for the current (Webplayer) version shortly.

(You can find it here)

I'm pretty excited about what it means to have a WebGL version of the sim posted. The Unity Webplayer plugin is a *huge* barrier to people playing web games. A quick peek behind the stats curtain... So far in April:

gravity.html = visited 2,500 times
gravity_flash.html = visited 2,000 times.

Whoa, that's still a lot of people using the old flash version! From like, years ago. With way fewer features. But the stats get worse! Of those people who visit the pages, I can see who actually makes it through and loads up the sim

gravity unity webplayer = played 1,400 times
gravity flash = played 1,700 times

MORE people play the flash version? Whoa. Not okay. Something is clearly wrong with expecting people to use the unity plugin.

So that's basically what I'm hoping will get fixed with this change... to finally (really) bring the web version of GSim out of the dark ages.

Edit: I'll note that in this version I started changing the compression algorithm for the codes. So any shared code that's in arrays (aka readable by humans) will work fine. But one from the old version that's been compressed into a shorter, nonsensical string, won't work. Turns out there were a few problems getting the compression to work with WebGL, so I'm swapping it out for a more consistent method. Also means, at the moment, shortened codes from the full version won't play well with this.

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