Feel Good Friday(s)!

An upcoming game about Electricity, Magnetism, and Cephalopods
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Feel Good Friday(s)!

Post by James »

For this week's Feel Good Friday I played through James' level: #0D8FA3. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that's another hexadecimal-titled-level.

Wanna try the level yourself? #0D8FA3 by James:

Code: Select all

[The Electric Shocktopus-"#0D8FA3"-eNqr1hkFo2AwA0MUiEeZsYmOkSUUGZviV4sEq6uVSpR0omOBqFopDcSqBQCIUYtM]
Final thoughts -- another fun level.
This is a block of text. 8-)
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