3 body restricted problem

What did you draw?
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3 body restricted problem

Post by donpontillo »

Hi everyody. Just bought your gravity simulator. I loved its graphic and all the rest.
I'd like to use it to re-create a 3 body problem i'm studying on.

I've got a Sun mass object in circular orbit with a Jupiter mass object more or less 5 AU distant from each other.

The third body is a massless asteroid. I've got initial velocity and positions of bodies (and solved EDO's with RK4).

I really tried to work it out but i wasn't able to recreate the simulation on ur software. Is there a way to create a binary Sun-Jupiter system in circular orbit?

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Re: 3 body restricted problem

Post by testtubegames »

I'm not entirely sure the issue you're having, but let me brainstorm here a bit.

It sounds like you calculated all the positions/velocities yourself? And then you plug them into the simulator, and the right thing isn't happening?

I imagine you're using the Astronomical Units in the sim (hence AU, and easily making a jupiter mass planet, etc). So the units should be fine.

Are you building the 'sun' as a 'planet' (aka an object that can move?) It it's pinned in place, then it would change the results.

As far as *easily* making objects circularly orbit one another, you can do that with the 'circular fling' feature. Select the one you want to orbit, then add a new one. If needed, go to 'center of mass' of the system with the button on the bottom left. For the massless object you can do the same thing... selecting either the sun or jupiter (or both) and then setting it in orbit around them.

I suppose if you have the numbers you're trying - I could maybe take a peek and see if I can figure out what might be going wrong?
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