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Re: Quarks

Post by Utinni5 »

Hi, Andy!

I am quite exited for the Electric Shocktopus game, especially since my broken computer was fixed recently.

But I'm also eager for the Quarks update in Agent Higgs. Not that I'm getting impatient, but it has been about three years since you first announced it was coming. I understand that you're trying to finish the Shocktopus, and I don't want to rush you, but I was wondering about the possibility that it could be completed after the Electric Shocktopus comes out ( :H int :H int).

Oh, and by the way, I didn't know if I should put it in the :Sh forums or the :H forums, but I decided to do this one so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of creating a new thread. :)
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Re: Quarks

Post by testtubegames »

Quarks, eh? After 3 years, I think you have earned a bit of impatience!

It's on my 'would love to do' list, though as you've noticed my to-do list can stretch pretty far into the future. And with a lot of other projects popping up in the queue. What I wouldn't give for more hours in the day...

My rough to-do list:

(a) Shocktopus, and getting it out of beta
(b) Bond Breaker, and getting some new levels / science concepts in there (contract gig)
(c) Other contract work (bills, yo)
(d) Gravity Sim, which I've left hanging way too long
(e) Agent Higgs's quark levels, which would at this point involve a port to Unity (&release on Android phones)
(f) A long promised update to the Slide Rule

... in appx order of priority.

So I'd love to get down to it, after doing a solid pass on the Gravity Sim. As to a good estimate of when that would be... I'm bad at that. In order to make this a little bit less of a black box, though, I thought I'd do an experiment and post my daily activities online. That way, in a glance, we can see what I've been working on lately.
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