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June 2012



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Velocity Raptor must travel near the speed of light to save the world! Have you ever wondered what happens near the speed of light? What this "relativity" is that everyone is talking about? Well, leave your textbooks at home, because today you'll experience the real thing! This is a place where objects shrink before your eyes, colors shift across the spectrum, and bullets travel in strange paths. Confused yet? Good. Then you're well on your way...


Velocity Raptor first came out in 2011 - and was Andy's first game, built over the course of two years, back when he still had a day-job. He figured why not bite off a manageable project and make a game that required building a special relativistic game engine from scratch. Turns out this wasn't as easy as you might expect. After its release in late 2011, Velocity Raptor went on to win the NSF's Science Visualization Challenge in 2012.


  • Accurate simulation of special relativity
  • 'Measured' view showcases the levels with simple length contraction and time dilation
  • 'Seen' view accounts for the time it takes light to reach the raptor's eyes, warping the world
  • Includes classic SR topics: ticking clocks, doppler shift, the garage/ladder paradox, the twin paradox
  • Has a level editor for endless relativistic fun.


Level 17 Walkthrough YouTube

Playing a user-created level YouTube

Parallel Wires and Relativity YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner of the NSF's Science Visualization Challenge." 2012

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TestTubeGames is an independent games studio based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Andy Hall founded the studio in 2011 with the mission of bringing theoretical physics to games. He works from the ground up, trying to find the fun, interesting puzzles in a subject. Then he adds in cute animals, slaps in several dozen puns, and goes into a cave for several months of devoted meditation to come up with the titles.

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Andy Hall
Design, Development, and Art, TestTubeGames

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