Pocket Slide Rule

You don't know how to use a Slide Rule?
And you call yourself a nerd!

Get some help with this retro app.

Now available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Pocket Slide Rule on iPhone
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With over a dozen scales, this is no toy. This slide rule was designed to be as powerful an one from the device's heyday. The 'auto' mode will show you how to utilize your rule.



This is no mere workhorse, either. What draws people to slide rules to this day is their simple beauty. This app captures that essence.



A slide rule is only as precise as your fingers, so what does that mean for a touch screen? Fear not! This app features a one-of-a-kind 'brakes' button which slides the rule precisely.

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Because if you've read this far, admit it, you like Slide Rules.

How to Use a Slide Rule

  • Slide Rule Instructions from the Museum of HP Calculators. This list of instructions is helpful, concise, complete, and matches the functionality of this app.
  • International Slide Rule Museum This site has an exhaustive description of how to use a slide rule, along with helpful pictures of all the steps.

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