On Corn, Quarks, and Quantum

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Fall is approaching, and along with it one of my favorite annual outings. No autumn is complete without a visit to the good ol’ corn maze! The sights, the smells, the desperation of being lost for hours. What’s not to like? If you, too, are heading to a corn maze this season, be sure to check out my maze simulator. It’ll show you a new, somewhat helpful strategy for escaping the maze. I built it last year to test out an idea I had while wandering a corn maze.

I’m still at work on the new levels for Agent Higgs: quarks. I’ll admit, it’s been a tougher road than I expected. The first batch of levels I made were fine, but just not fun. And we can’t have that! So I’ve been thinking and thinking of how best to show the strong force (the force that holds quarks together). And I may finally have it.

You’ll have to cool your heels, though, since it’ll take some time before a new update is ready. I’ve already got a couple people to test out the new levels (to make sure they’re up to snuff). But, if anyone else out there is interested in play-testing the new levels for me, just shoot me an email. The levels will be ready to test sometime in the next couple weeks.

In other, non-Higgs-related news, I’ve started work on some new games. As I hinted at before, long term I’m be working on a Quantum Mechanics game. That’s just in the starting phases, but I’m hoping I’ll have some art to show you all soon. The cuteness of the new main character will blow Agent Higgs away.

The Quantum game will take a couple months of development at least — going on the assumption it will take as long as Agent Higgs. And since a couple months is a *long* time, in the short therm I’ll try to release a couple smaller projects. So keep checking back… there will be things to reward you if you do!


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Higgs Field n’ More

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The latest update for Agent Higgs should be appearing in the app store today, so check it out! Among other improvements, there are 20 new levels dedicated to the Higgs field. The new puzzles deal with mass; do you have what it takes to utilize a fractured Higgs field to help Agent Higgs? Yes, yes you do. And I’m afraid Higgs may have gotten himself caught. Yikes! Screenshot:

Agent Higgs - the Field

Hey, he needs his glasses to read!

In other news, just the other day, John Busher posted an interview with the Higgs boson. Check it out at The comical interview, by the by, was sponsored by Agent Higgs. My favorite line? Higgs: “In some circles I am known as the theoretical physicist whisperer.” Sounds like a pretty useful thing to have.

And last up, since I never outright said this in the news here, I’ve released a Flash version of Agent Higgs. Subtitled as ‘Chapter 1’, it contains a selection of the first set of levels. So for all of you who don’t have an iDevice, you can start playing around here. Enjoy!



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