Shocktopus 0.7 & 0D11

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The latest update for The Electric Shocktopus is here.  The game is faster, more accurate, and smoother.  So don’t delay, grab 0.7 today.

Some of the new features include:

  • Quicker and more accurate Electric Field calculations
  • A Voltmeter or Electric Field Meter you can use to measure the fields (SCIENCE!)
  • 20% more rad-ness.

If you want to read all about the update, you can see what I posted about it in the forums.

And a Feel Bad Friday?

I’d been holding off doing a FBF for the past few weeks as I’d been working on this update.  Priority #1 became fixing the electric fields, after all.  But now that that’s done… I just tackled a new FBF level: 0D11 by NealCruco.  Give it a watch.



Big thanks to NealCruco for making and sharing this level!

In the video, in addition to beating / failing at the level, I show off some of the new features in the game.  So give it a look, and see all the new things you can do!


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